15 March 2019

If You Think Phone Calls Are Irrelevant to Your Marketing Efforts, You Thought Wrong.

Phone calls are an attractive way to generate and maintain personal relationships with your customers. Today, technology injects a screen into so many of our interactions, so when someone cares enough to call, you need to capitalize on it. Let your personable customer service reps do what they do best!

But did you know a lot of businesses think they can’t track phone calls? Which, ironically, renders all those valuable conversations useless if you can’t track which ones actually are valuable. Or useless.

We’re setting the record straight.

You can track phone calls. Phone calls are an incredibly valuable marketing metric. Those conversations do matter.

All you need is a VoIP virtual number with virtual phone number call forwarding.

Let’s Break it Down.

You choose virtual numbers with area codes in the locations targeted by your marketing campaign. Use different numbers for different marketing efforts (one for the magazine ad, one for the digital ad, one for the flyer… you get the idea) so you can see which channel is yielding results.

You’re Local. Look that Way. 

The numbers you choose can be unlimited local, or toll-free – whatever works best for your business. The numbers are re-routed to your main business line, and you get all the tracking benefits of a typical marketing campaign. Only now you have call tracking information to add to the website analytics you’re already running. What’s that leave you with? A well-rounded picture of what’s working, and what needs re-worked.

What we love most about the virtual number option is that you don’t have to sacrifice quality to get results. With Callcap’s local virtual numbers, your customers know without a doubt you offer services in their area. Plus, toll-free numbers give them an option to reach out without having to pay extra fees.

Online Meets Offline. 

Virtual numbers are ideal for offline advertising, but there’s an online crossover you can take full advantage of, too. Just like phone call tracking, Callcap can help you determine where online visitors are coming to your website and where they are converted into a phone call. When you use Webmatch, our website call tracking, you can see at a keyword-level what’s working for your internet marketing. Track the metrics that matter. All of them. 

We could talk for days about the benefits of virtual numbers. But we’ll spare you and simply point you toward information that will help you take your next right step. Learn more about our call tracking services here!