26 June 2012

How Will You Handle YOUR Million Dollar Call?

Every customer call should be handled with the same standard
of courtesy, thoughtful and thorough assistance, and respect.

When your company takes a high volume of calls daily, it
may seem tolerable to let one or two slip by with a less-than-satisfactory customer experience.
However, you have no way of knowing which call could have been the one to have
a huge impact on your business. As entrepreneur Ron Burley discovered, taking
one call late at night when it might have been inconvenient, and dealing with a
challenging customer when it would have been easier to blow off his seemingly
insignificant problem or pass him on to someone else, ended up making a 4
million dollar
difference in his business. Read Ron’s entire story here to
see how outstanding customer service not only saved his company, but catapulted
it to a new level of success.