04 October 2019

How to make the most of a limited marketing budget

As your business heads into the fourth quarter of 2019, you are preparing your marketing budget and strategy for 2020. For many small businesses, that spend can be pretty minimal and you want to make sure every single penny is spent in an effective manner.

Whether you are the business owner, a social media manager or an employee wearing multiple hats, it’s your goal to strategically spend your limited marketing budget in areas that deliver maximum return. At the very least, you want total visibility! You may have spent the last year running paid search campaigns focused on driving phone calls to generate leads and business. But how agile was your bid management platform? To run your campaigns at optimal efficiency and effectiveness, you need up-to-the-minute keyword performance insights, which is where many bid management platforms fall short.

Call analytics solutions can provide real-time insights into how your media is performing. In turn, you can make more strategic media buys, which increases ROI and reduces the cost of acquisition. When your media budget is limited, every click and call matters. The best part of it is… call analytics can be a very affordable option for small businesses.

Prove your value to the company

More and more companies demand data-driven results. So, you need to measure and show the positive performance of your marketing strategy.

Your call analytics solution should offer detailed reporting that enables you to gain results on a granular level. When someone asks, “What has your marketing done for the company?” you can demonstrate a positive impact on the company’s bottom line. Being able to find the missed calls, busiest time of day, traffic, source of calls, caller ID and duration of calls are all crucial in helping understand what’s driving your calls.

Smart budget allocation

Limited resources are a reality for marketers. By implementing call analytics tools, you can gain insights that can help you optimize campaigns in real time. You spend the budget you have more efficiently to drive results and increase ROI.

Incorporating tools that measure call actions driven by paid search can help you boost the value received from your ongoing campaigns.


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