09 June 2020

How to Make Every Call Count

Did you know that when a potential customer calls your business, that phone call is worth money?

Here’s the math:

  • Say you own a window tint shop
  • The average customer spends $500 on window tint or more
  • For every person that calls your business worth approximately $500, are you certain each call is answered? And for those answered calls, are you positive you’re representatives are providing the best customer service?

For every person that calls your business, are you providing the best customer service for that $500 phone call?

Every Call Counts

It should be no surprise that regardless of what day or time it is, every call counts.

Your staff can only do so much. There will be times your employees will be unable to answer every call. So exactly how do you ensure every call counts?

Interactive Voice Response

An Interactive Voice Response (or IVR for short) gives your phone system the automation to be the first touch for any customer who calls in.

With an IVR, you can:

  • Make it easy for callers to get the information they may need right away, such as hours of operation or where you business is located.
  • Simplify your voicemail options in case your business is closed.
  • Script marketing messages that keep customers engaged.
  • Record messages with brand-aligned voice talent.
  • Make it easy for callers to get the help they want.
  • Simplify your voicemail options and a caller will enjoy their experience.

And with the popularity of VOIP telephone systems, all of this can be done affordably.


What happens when a customer is calling for service and they don’t get through to you? They will continue on down to your next competitor that can help. With Callsaver, you get a queue of all your missed phone calls and immediate notifications, so you can maximize your call recovery rate. You will be able to find out who’s calling and get the opportunity to call them back right away.


With our Callsurance Evaluation System, one of our trained analysts is assigned to each of your phone calls and listens to the recording looking for a variety of key points in the conversation. Afterward, the analyst records the necessary data and even sends out alerts in near-real time! You may want to setup alerts for when a potential buyer hangs up without a purchase or if the call didn’t meet your customer service standards – so you can quickly react and save the customer. Call monitoring gives you full access to the conversation.

A Turnkey Solution for any Industry

If you own or manage a restaurant, a gym, a tire shop, a dentist office, or a business in any industry – every single call matters. Callcap is a turnkey solution if you are looking to improve ROI, marketing effectiveness and staff performance.

How much revenue could your business save if you were able to make every call count?

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