30 September 2015

How To Keep Guests Happy With Call Tracking For Hotels

When you think of a hotel you enjoy staying at, you may have some vivid imagery that comes to mind: Luxurious, impeccable suites. Pristine, sparkling pools. Handsome furnishings. However, there’s one other aspect to a high-quality hotel you may not think of immediately, but you always notice when it’s absent: a great customer experience.

Now, for those of us working in the hospitality industry, it seems like a given that we should pride ourselves on every aspect of customer service. After all, hospitality means “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.” But sometimes, operations call fall short of being hospitable. Thankfully, it’s easy for managers to keep guests happy when they use call tracking for hotels. Here are three ways hotels can use call tracking and recording to deliver a pleasant experience for every customer from beginning to end and make sure they’re spendingvtheir budget wisely.

1. Train your employees to be customer experience rock stars.

Remember when you were young, and it was much easier to learn a new skill by watching or listening to someone else do? Even if that person was doing it the wrong way, it was much easier to learn from their mistake than to listen to an explanation of how to do it. That fundamental concept is still true for training your front desk and call center employees.

With call recording, you can on-board new employees and give them clear, real examples of how they should behave when on the phone with potential guests. Instead of telling them vague “you should say this” or “never do this” advice, they can actually listen to real-life calls of employees who went above and beyond, as well as exchanges that fell flat (and didn’t result in happy guests). By hearing what works and what doesn’t in simulated real-life training experiences, your employees will be able to put those things in action when they’re interacting with paying guests.

2. Make sure your hotel marketing budget is pulling (more than) its own weight.

Most hotels and resorts spend a lot of their budget on their beautiful, enticing, “I want to go there” ads. But how much money is being wasted on them? If your hotel isn’t using call tracking to understand which of your beautiful ads actually make customers want to call in, you’ll never know that your customers really didn’t care about that mailing or that the TV spot you paid big bucks for paid off by making guests call and book a stay.

Call tracking software gives you that information: It tells you specifically which advertising medium (radio, TV, online, etc.) has the best ROI.

3. Take the mystery out of your calls.

Let’s get this out of the way: Mystery shopping isn’t an effective way to track how well your front desk or call center employees are handling inbound calls. Almost every time, those guest relations employees know it’s a “mystery shopper,” and they can do and say the things they are expected to do to provide good service.

That’s great for this call, but if it’s not illustrative of how they interact with every customer, then it’s hurting your company. Call tracking and recording takes that mystery out completely by giving you hard data—what your employees are actually saying and how well they are actually booking reservations. You can track and record as many calls as you want, so there’s no room for doubt.

Call recording and call tracking for hotels is a cost-effective way to make sure your customer experience is on par with your expectations and your ads for your hotel are bringing in the customers you want. To find out more about how Callcap’s suite of products can give your hospitality operation the edge you need, contact one of our business development representatives today.