24 June 2020

How To Increase Your Agency’s Value

In today’s world, marketing has become harder than ever. With the multiple platforms and increased competition, it’s become more difficult to agencies to prove their value. Customers want hard data and real results.

Modern day marketers have to realize their value doesn’t lie in the ideas and media they create. It sits with their ability to understand audiences, create conversation, attain data and real insight to what is working and what isn’t. They must in turn help clients gain perspective and understand what their marketing budget is doing.

Prove Your Effectiveness

You’re only as valuable as the ROI you produce. If your client is paying you to generate leads and brand awareness through ads, you better be prepared to prove it. It’s actually one of the biggest problems facing marketers according to a Hubspot report.

Today, analytics tools are more powerful than ever. There are multiple touchpoints in the buyer’s journey both online and offline. Getting insight to as many of these interactions is a must. A leading tool used by best-in-class marketers has been call analytics. How can you tell if your marketing is working versus organic traffic?

Call analytics gives you and your clients the ability to see who is calling and from what campaigns. Whether it’s social media, email, mobile apps, website, billboards, radio, you get real-time data on who is calling and for what reason. Additional information such as buyer intent, advanced demographics on who and where the caller is from, provide your clients with the data to prove which marketing activities work properly. Clients can then move their budget to market to the right people, locations, and mediums.

Agencies are continually looking for ways to separate themselves from the pack and show they can provide value to every client.

Prove Your Worth

The agencies that consistently win new business have one thing in common: They can prove their worth. Clients want to look at their balance sheets and see that for every dollar, they made 2-3 more through new sales and repeat business. Every agency can give their best ideas and produce ads. It goes beyond that to prove your worth.

Collect data on your own agency; when someone asks you to justify your price, you can do so with confidence.

The landscape has changed and continues to do so given the economic landscape. Agencies are fighting harder to retain business. That doesn’t mean you have to charge more or hire additional employees to remain competitive. Get more involved in the sales process, and use the right tools to demonstrate to clients why your services are worth what you charge.

Let’s Talk

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