23 December 2015

How To Gain A Competitive Edge With PCI Compliance

We’ve shared several articles about providing excellent customer experience, but there’s one aspect of great customer service we want to talk about specifically—and it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of serving your patients and clients.

What is it?


Here’s what we mean: Providing security to your patients and clients can give you an edge your competitors may not be able to match (or, more likely, are oblivious to). Specifically, for those in professional services—physicians, dentists, attorneys, and accountants (to name a few)—the security you provide helps you stand out in a crowded market.

For companies who take credit card information over the phone, one of the best ways to guarantee your patients’ and clients’ security is to make sure your own system is compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). We often refer to this as PCI compliance.

What is PCI compliance?

The PCI DSS forbids companies from both retaining authentication data in any format and storing sensitive data, including card validation codes and values, even if they are encrypted. That means your business may be in breach of PCI compliance standards if you’re storing non-compliant recorded call data, no matter how small or large your archive is.

Why is PCI compliance imperative to your business?

  • It gives your clients and patients peace of mind. Your clients trust you for their personal security—don’t give them a reason to feel that trust is misplaced by taking for granted their privacy. PCI compliance is proof that you want to provide the best quality to your clients from first impressions to billing.
  • Being clear and transparent about compliance shows you are responsible and forward thinking about your own company, but more importantly, about your patients and clients. Even though your customers may not know to ask if your office is PCI compliant, they will know—and may leave—if your company is subject of a security breach. By staying compliant, you’ll not only avoid that risk—you’ll have another excellent feature to point out about your practice.

So, how can professionals help their practices and businesses stay PCI compliant?

Your office can get and stay PCI compliant with Callcap’s compliance solutions, #Protect and Protect+. These solutions redact credit card numbers from recordings, so you are not in violation of PCI standards, and your customers’ sensitive information is protected.

  • #Protect: #Protect is our first solution to prevent storage of sensitive customer information. With the touch of a button, and without stopping or interrupting the call itself, that information is removed from recordings in compliance with your industry’s privacy standards or government regulations.
  • Protect+: Protect+ provides the next level of PCI compliance to ensure security and privacy through automated voice analysis. Using voice analysis, Protect+ automatically reviews your business recording, directly looking for numbers that match the pattern of credit card information. It then erases that part of the recording, all without human interaction.

To learn more about using these options for PCI compliance at your office, contact one of our business development specialists today.