28 March 2012

How to Build Rapport With Clients Over the Phone

Your employees should be working on building a positive relationship with a new client from the first time they pick up the phone. You only get one chance to make a stellar first impression. INC Magazine shares 6 tricks to building rapport with customers in this article. These tips can help prepare your team… but cannot guarantee every call will be successful. There are inevitably going to be instances when a customer hangs up unsatisfied.

So, what to do when an employee has dropped the ball? You have an upset customer with contagious anger about to swear off doing business with you ever again…or worse…about to turn to social media and word of mouth to publically bash your business until it hurts. The only remedy to the situation is to reconnect with the customer and assure them you want to work together to make things right..

Matters like these are time sensitive. Plenty of businesses feel they are doing a great job of monitoring their customer interactions because they record calls and periodically review those recordings. That is a good start… but by the time those calls are up for review, those angry customers have already told anyone who will listen about the poor way they were treated, and convinced most of their social network to blacklist your brand.

This is why Callcap is the only option when it comes to protecting your brand and reputation management. Your customer calls are evaluated in near real-time, and you are notified within moments of a bad customer call. This gives you the opportunity to reconnect with the customer and remedy the situation before your brand has to suffer the consequences.

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