10 May 2013

How Satisfied Are Your Customers?

Are you making the most of your marketing dollars? Not simply by maximizing the number of new customers you bring in to your business (though that is extremely important), but by ensuring once you have a customer in the door or on the phone that they will become a repeat patron of your business?

Many businesses today do not invest enough in cultivating current customer satisfaction and loyalty, and instead focus on attracting initial customer interest. By taking measures to show customers you care about the experience they are having with your business after their first purchase, you benefit in two ways:

  1. Your customers form an emotional tie to your business, and a sense of loyalty to your brand.
  2. You gain valuable information on your staff performance and how customers are handled by your business; this helps identify areas for improvement.

Phone Surveys are a great way to gauge customer satisfaction. By conducting these surveys over the phone, they are quick, convenient, and offer high response rates. With the Callcap system, you can upload customer lists and schedule a survey with just a few clicks from your account portal, and start collecting data within moments.

To find out more about how Phone Surveys might benefit your business, get in touch with us.