21 January 2016

How NOT To Measure The Quality Of A Call Tracking & Monitoring Company

Have you ever heard the saying, “Buy once, cry once?”

The idea is that while a purchase may be initially more expensive, paying more actually provides better quality and satisfaction, thereby costing you less over time. Benjamin Franklin said it another way: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

But the truth is, when it comes to buying anything, it’s hard for most of us to look beyond the dollar sign.

However, we must consider what we’re sacrificing when we think only of cost and ignore things like quality and customer service. This is especially true when it comes to finding a call tracking and monitoring partner.

Why shouldn’t you measure the value of a call tracking and monitoring company by cost? Here are several reasons.

Cost doesn’t indicate training.

We’ve seen situations where call tracking and monitoring “companies” are nothing more than pop-up shops who outsource their “monitoring” to internet forums. Yes, businesses actually pay their hard-earned money for untrained, anonymous people to give them insight on their customer experience. Is that really how you want to gauge your customer service?

When stats show that 91% of customers who leave (or hang up) unhappy won’t do business with you after an incident, the “experts” you’re trusting better be able to tell you what’s really going on in regard to your customer experience. The fact that companies are trusting just anyone as experts in the matter is quite scary.

Cost doesn’t indicate a strong infrastructure.

Before you pay less for a call tracking and monitoring company’s services because it sounds like a deal, make sure you find out just how strong and secure your partner’s infrastructure is. Make sure you’re asking the right questions—some of which you can find in our article on choosing the best call center partner. Specifically ask about the following things:

  • Network performance reliability.
  • Accessibility systems.
  • Security (including handling confidential information).
  • Agents and employee training.

Cost doesn’t indicate experience.

Find out if what you’re paying matches your expectations for the company’s (and its employees’) experience. How long has the company been in business? What is the company’s experience with call tracking and monitoring technology? Can you visit the company’s headquarters? Can you speak to customers who will testify to the company’s experience? These are crucial questions to ask potential call tracking companies—leaving them unanswered could result in a painful, expensive dalliance that lessens your credibility and customer service.

Cost doesn’t indicate quality.

Before you jump to the conclusion that a high-quality call tracking and monitoring company costs an arm and a leg, make sure you understand what you’re really getting when you pay less. Chances are, you’ll find a gilded version—one that looks OK from the outside but that offers you no real value or worth once you’re in business together.

On the other hand, make sure you’re not overpaying for services you don’t need or that won’t benefit your ROI. A good partner will advise you and answer all of your questions—including those that don’t mean an upsell for them.

7 in 10 Americans said they were willing to spend more with companies they believe provide excellent customer service.1

At Callcap, we aren’t the cheapest call tracking and monitoring company you can partner with. However, we are sticklers for overall value: quality, experience, infrastructure, training, and customer service. If you are looking for a partner who takes your success seriously, we may be a perfect partner for you. Get started today to see what solutions we can offer your business.