20 June 2012

How Important is The Customer Experience?

company provides a customer experience, whether they realize it or not. No
business would ever hope that their customers were having bad experiences, but
do they realize the actual value that GREAT customer experiences can offer?

An article by Bloomberg Businessweek outlines nine reasons why customer experiences are vitally important
to business health, and predicts that “Customer experience will decide the
winners and losers in years ahead.”

What is your
company currently doing to ensure customers are receiving the white glove
treatment when they reach out to you? It’s easy enough to look back over your
facebook page or in the archives of your company email account to see how
customers are being handled online…but what about those interactions you can’t
see? Those that could potentially have the biggest impact on your company image; the customer phone calls?

If you look
up business reviews online, you will rarely see some irate customer going off
in a web forum about the “snotty response they received to a facebook inquiry”,
or “the thoughtful email response” they received from a company. Online mediums
are a popular avenue for customer interaction…but they provide no personal
touch. Humans are emotional beings…what makes a business stand out from the rest and boosts customer
loyalty is an emotional connection with their customer.

To be certain
you have the reins on your company image and are driving positive customer
experiences, it is imperative to have your business phone calls tracked,
recorded, and evaluated. Callcap provides our clients a solution in the form of Callsurance . With each call being evaluated for proper customer service and
flagged by positive/negative result, businesses can begin training and
direction of their staff to continually improve both the experiences of their
customers, as well as their bottom line through strengthened customer loyalty.

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