23 June 2015

How Call Tracking Can Fix These 3 Marketing Failures

Does your company treat its marketing plan like a landfill?

Maybe you see it happening—advertising ideas pile up, money gets thrown in to pay for it, and then your plan is hauled away and quickly buried in hopes no one will realize it stinks. But, the plan lasts only for a short period of time—until the next week, month, or quarter, when it’s time to do the whole thing over again.

How can you get beyond a marketing plan that stinks—and ultimately fails?

Take a look at these three marketing budget failures and the proven ways call tracking can help, and get a fresh start in reconstructing a marketing plan that actually drives leads and brings in new customers.

1. Marketing fails because you don’t know where your leads are coming from.

How Call Tracking Helps:
When you use unique call tracking numbers on your marketing pieces, the analytics collected from those pieces provide a clear picture of who called and the medium they used.

How? The call tracking phone number tied to each piece is unique only to that piece. That way, you know exactly where your leads are coming from.

2. Marketing fails because you don’t know how much you’re spending, and how much of that spending is wasted.

How Call Tracking Helps:
By implementing call tracking numbers, you’re linking every single dollar you spend per advertising piece to it’s ROI, because it is tied to a call tracking number.

When prospects call your business using one of these specific call tracking numbers, the data is reported back to you. You can find out how every individual piece did without any bias.

With call tracking analytics, the numbers tell you exactly how well individual pieces or whole campaigns are doing based on how many calls are received. The data is available in real time for your entire team to evaluate together.

With the data provided by call tracking analytics, you can do some basic ROI calculations to find out exactly what it costs to bring in customers using various methods, which can help you determine if you should continue with your current tactics or if they should be reviewed.

3. Marketing fails because you don’t know what changes to implement to bring in new customers, so you keep on doing the same thing.

How Call Tracking Helps:
Call tracking gives you the proof you need in order to make evidence-based changes in your advertising and marketing budgets.

Whether you review your analytics hourly, weekly, or monthly, you’re able to benchmark and then chart how specific campaigns are performing based on the calls made to each unique number.

Callcap call tracking tools are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to optimizing your marketing and advertising tactics, and getting the best-possible ROI for your budget.

Once you’re partnered with Callcap, you won’t get only the data with no clue what to do next. Callcap’s business development specialists help you set realistic, challenging, and attainable goals tailored to your business’s call tracking and evaluation program.

Reclaim your marketing budget.

A long, complicated setup process and a system that takes forever to give you results is the last thing you want if you’ve realized your marketing plan needs some major changes. Call tracking, also called call measurement, is easy to implement and immediately gives you useful information. Find out just how easy it is to reclaim your marketing budget with call tracking today.