27 March 2012

Happy 128th Birthday, Long Distance!

Today marks the 128th anniversary of a great milestone in telecom technology- the first long distance telephone call. On March 27th, 1884, just eight years after the invention of the telephone, branch managers of the American Bell Telephone Co. connected a call between Boston, MA and New York, NY over the first copper phone lines. The copper lines replaced iron lines, and the cost of a connection between cities was $2 during the day and $1 at night. This was the first step towards rendering the telegraph industry obsolete.

Days like March 27th, 1884 are perfect examples of how one discovery or invention can change an entire industry. There was a time when phone calls were just phone calls. Now, the telephone can be utilized as a way to measure marketing success, evaluate the performance of your employees, and improve the way your business functions through call monitoring and tracking services.

After telephone systems were up and running throughout the country, people that continued communicating by telegraph looked rather silly and old fashioned. Make sure your business is ahead of the technological curve. Contact a Callcap rep today at 866-547-5577.