13 March 2012

Franchise Developers Struggle with “Dark Territories”

When the lights go out for the last time at franchise location, loyal customers are taken by surprise when the store’s phone numbers start to ring disconnected, and franchise developers are given the tough task of positioning new buyers for the recently closed area. Most buyers will stay away from an area that has experienced recent failure. Typically these “dark” territories will be shunned for at least 2-3 years.

Best case scenario, if a closed franchise located in a “dark” territory finds new ownership sooner than the 2 year mark, the new owners are still going to be faced with the difficult task of attempting to pick up where the last owners left off. This time of transition can be very stressful and at times disheartening. Often franchise owners throw in the towel, placing the location right back in the “dark” place where it started from.

With Callcap, the transition can be painless. After a franchisee closes their location, the positive impression left with their customers can be salvaged. As loyal customers continue to call their favorite (now closed) business, those calls can be transferred to other franchisees in the serviceable areas. Franchise developers have the ability to position the next owners of the closed location into what has remained a semi-functional business. Talk about peace of mind for the next business owner. All previous advertising is still in place and still working to bring in new leads/customers, with no down time…and no “out of business” stigma.

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