29 February 2012

Exceptional Customer Service = Lifelong Customer Loyalty

By Mike Loyd, Callcap Director of Telecommunications

I was speaking with a friend the other day and he was complaining about the service he receives from his bank. He’s a customer of one of those gigantic, multi-national conglomerates. I, on the other hand, am a customer of a tiny little credit union located in north central Texas. His bank has locations on seemingly every street corner with access to ATMs at every gas station and convenience store imaginable. My bank has one location. One. And I have to read all the stickers on an ATM before using it to make sure my bank is on their network. My friend’s bank has a state-of-the-art website with tools and links for every financial situation you can think of. My bank, well, doesn’t.

His complaint was that he could never seem to get anyone on the phone to assist him. After spending hours on the phone navigating through their phone tree, he would inevitably be connected to the wrong person and then transferred right back into the queue. My bank, however, has one phone number and when I call it a real person answers almost immediately. Now, my bank doesn’t have 24/7 customer support like his does, but when I call they take care of me.

Case in point: I called my bank to put a stop on a check I’d written. The lady who answered the phone called me by name and said she’d take care of it for me. She then said, (insert thick Texas accent here) “And, sweetie, we’ll waive that $25 fee, too.”

Why do our customers stay with Callcap? Why do we get new customers month after month after month? We don’t offer a service they can’t get elsewhere and we’re not the least expensive, either. I truly believe (and I’ve heard this from our customers many times) it’s because we offer a level of customer service they can’t find anywhere else. Even with our phenomenal growth, the people at Callcap care about our customers. We want them to succeed and we want to partner with them to ensure that success. This comes across when we speak with our customers and our dedicated efforts on their behalf are sincere. When we complete a task that a customer wants specifically for them, we celebrate that success with the customer.

Understanding our customer’s needs, doing our very best for the customer each and every time, going a step beyond just getting it done, truly caring about our customers. This is what makes for a loyal, long-time customer relationship with Callcap.