15 April 2016

Easily Track Your WordPress Visitors to Phone Calls

Our customers love the information they get from our “Webmatch” website call tracking feature. Adding a small piece of Javascript code to a website unlocks the amazing ability to track website visitors all the way from entrance (and which paid search ad and keyword brought them there) to a purchase over the phone.

But should you need to pay a programmer just to bridge the gap between your internet marketing and your offline purchases? The answer is no, and if your website is built on WordPress (like 26% of the whole world’s websites1) you don’t have to.

Our WordPress plugin makes online-to-offline attribution as easy as a click.

What used to involve editing templates manually or hiring programmers can now be done by any WordPress website admin within 5 minutes. Just install our WordPress plugin!

Here’s how:

Running a business is hard enough, so we make it easy to get the data you need.

Anytime we see a solution that can make our customers happier, more productive, or better informed that’s where we focus. WordPress may have a large user-base, but when it comes to our customers’ success nothing is too small.

If there is anything that would make you more successful, get in touch today.