02 August 2013

Don’t Lose Customers When Sales Reps Quit

How safe are your business phone numbers?

Oftentimes, commission-based sales reps want to have the ability to work from anywhere, anytime, so they can maximize the amount of sales they are able to close. For this reason, they may give their home or cell phone number out when becoming acquainted with a potential new client. The problem with that is…if the rep decides to leave your company at any point, they take all their clients with them.

How can you protect your company from losing clients when a sales rep moves on? One way is to provide your reps with tracking phone numbers that are property of the company, but can be pointed to the rep’s cell or home phone. Your business has ownership of this number…but your rep can get it printed on all their business cards and promotional materials. That way, the rep has the opportunity to track and manage all of their leads in a cloud-based online database, and in the event that they leave the company, their clients still have a way to get in touch with you, and their account can be assigned to a new rep.

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