27 August 2012

Don’t Forget Your Business When Prepping for Severe Weather

Tropical Storm Isaac has created a state of emergency from the bayous southwest of New Orleans to the edge of the Florida Panhandle. As Isaac grows into a hurricane with estimated winds of between 74 and 95 mph before it hits land Tuesday, many Gulf Coast residents are evacuating away from the storm’s path, and those that remain are stocking up on supplies in case the storm leaves them stranded at home. The anticipated destruction will take out electricity, create flooding as deep as 12 feet onto the shore of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, and up to 6 feet in the Florida Panhandle, and undoubtedly wreak huge physical damages to personal and business properties.

When destructive weather hits your area, it can put a major dent in your business even after the storm has passed. A bolt of lightning lasting half a second has the ability to take out your business phone lines for hours to days at a time, not to mention how long you could be separated from your office or store when flooding or fallen debris from high winds make it impossible to commute. These storm damages can cost you more than just physical repairs, as they cut off your availability to your customers and potential sales leads.

Callcap offers you the opportunity to avoid missing a single revenue opportunity due to unpredictable forces of nature.

When bad weather hits and your business suffers damages, you have the ability to log into your Callcap account and REDIRECT your business numbers to your home or cellular phone. You won’t miss any leads, and also have the opportunity build customer loyalty by being available to them in a time of crisis.

Natural disasters happen… business disasters don’t have to.