11 June 2014

Done Cheaply or Done Well?

We recently read an excellent article by Seth Godin called “The Tyranny of the Lowest Price.” It resonated with us, and we wanted to share our thoughts. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Every great brand (even those with low prices) is known for something other than how cheap they are.”

Godin uses Henry Ford’s machination of the automobile as an example. He shares that Ford and his employees learned their potential customers weren’t necessarily interested in the cheapest car; instead, “they wanted a car they could be proud of, they wanted a car that was a bit safer, a bit more stylish, a car built by people who earned a wage that made them contributors to the community.” In other words, they wanted the car that was right for them and answered their needs. Price was secondary.

At Callcap, we see this scenario play out every day. Our customers choose who they do business with based not only on cost, but on value. If you want to do business based on who’s the cheapest, we may not be your best bet. But, without a doubt, if you want a proven system for your business—a solution that takes care of you and your customers and boosts your profits—we will be able to help you.

At Callcap, we strive to be known for the way we treat our customers first and foremost—it’s smack-dab in the middle of our website because we want you to see it first: “Call tracking and monitoring for companies that are serious about exceptional customer service.”

Whether you’re a major corporation, a franchise looking to manage multiple locations and agents, or a mom-and-pop shop looking for ways to save money and track your advertising leads, we can help. Understanding your needs, and then doing our best for you each and every time, is what we’re known for. Caring about our customers’ successes is who we are. That principle is why our business continues to grow.

We’d love to join you on your journey to satisfy customers. Give us a call or contact us about how we can help.