26 September 2012

Customer Satisfaction Requires Proactive Planning

Now more than ever, keeping customers satisfied directly
affects the success of a business. We live in an electronic age, where it is incredibly
easy to access the “cloud” and find out everything you need to know to decide which company you want to spend your money with.  If you google “customer reviews”, you are
instantly provided over 548,000,000 search results. So, it goes without saying
that if your business is not meeting the needs of your current customers, it
won’t be hard for potential new customers to find out about it while
researching you on the web.

So how do you maintain good customer experiences? It is
something your business has to work at on a daily basis…there is no quick fix.
The first step is adequately preparing the representatives who will have direct
communication with your customers. Do your customer service and sales employees
know what is expected of them? Are they prepared to answer frequently asked
customer questions, and escalate those issues they cannot solve themselves? Are
they aware that having a “smile in their voice” is something that can be felt
through the phone? It is important when laying the groundwork for a world-class
customer service team that you take a proactive approach to wow-ing  your customers.

Inevitably, at some point even the best customer service rep
will have a bad day. That is where the importance of call recording and call
evaluation comes into play. It is absolutely imperative to record the customer
calls coming into your business. Simply knowing
they are being recorded encourages CSRs to kick their performance up a notch; but
don’t let those recordings sit in the storage closet.  Having your call recordings evaluated by an
impartial third party company allows you to pull out key information that
directly reflects your overall customer experience. You can then correct
weaknesses in your team, and improve your training programs.

From the moment an unsatisfied customer hangs up with your rep,
the clock starts ticking. If the customer is still in need of a product or
service, you can pretty much bet that they are trying to find a way to get in
contact with your competitors and find a solution to their problem. Or, they
are angry enough to go to the web and vent about the way they were treated, publically
discouraging their friends (and strangers) from ever doing business with you.
Either way, there is just a small window of time available for you to head off the
situation and save not only the customer’s loyalty, but also the good name of
your brand.

Near real-time call evaluation services provide notifications
within ten minutes of a customer hanging up with your company after a bad experience,
giving you the opportunity to reconnect with them and solve their problems.
Showing a customer you are willing to go the extra mile because they mean
something to your business is the fastest way to gain a lifelong fan.

Customers recognize businesses that make their happiness a
priority. Take steps today to improve your current customer service strategy. To
learn more, and find out which CSR monitoring and analysis programs would best
fit your current business model, fill out a contact form  or call 866-547-5577.