18 July 2012

Customer Loyalty is Earned Through Customer Courting

There is one thing in business that is undeniably essential
to future success: The Customer Courting Process. Consumers are careful with their money. They
will not throw their hard earned dollars at your business before being
convinced it is going to be a safe and positive investment. Once you close the
sale and bring them on as a new customer, an equal amount of effort must be put
into maintaining the relationship. The continued
revenue and positive word-of-mouth evangelism from your lifelong clients will
help the growth and success of your business immeasurably.

Incorporate these five customer relationship building habits in your business starting today, and see what a difference proper customer
courting makes on your ROI and brand reputation.


Catch your customer’s eye. This your only
chance to make a first impression, so make sure it is a good one. It is not likely you will be able to convert everyone in the world into a customer. However, it is very likely that with targeted marketing, you will make contact with and close more qualified customers. Gear marketing
towards the type of customers you are most compatible with; your product or
service is a perfect fit for someone out there. Show them why.

Track Results:

Always enlist the help of third party
sources to track the marketing you are doing online as well as offline. Online
sources like Google Adwords can show you how many people visited your web
pages, and how they got there. Make sure to couple this with an offline phone number tracking system to close the data gap. Tip: Add tracking numbers to your web pages , too! Many people think keywords are all that matter in web tracking,
but many customers that shop online will browse a web page and close the sale
over the phone later with a customer service representative. Cover all your


What methods are drawing in the most
interested customers? More importantly, what is the quality of the leads that
each marketing piece is drawing in? You can put out a marketing campaign that
sends 500 people to your website, but if none of those people are the right customer, they will leave the
webpage as quickly as they arrived.

Also, make a point to analyze the way your
employees are treating your customers. As your business grows, it is unlikely in a management position that you will handle each customer interaction personally. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep
an eye on how your employees that are dealing with customer needs are behaving. Online
conversations are generally archived, so when a customer reaches out via your
website or social media, you can easily review the conversation. You should
additionally make sure your phone numbers have call recording and analysis in
place. You can then view reports
online that summarize your customer interactions and flag out those customer
relationships that may need to be repaired.

Train/Take Action:

Take the information you have gained about your
customers, and use that data to train your staff and adjust your marketing
investments. Do this frequently. The more in tune you are with your current and
future customers’ wants and needs, the higher the likelihood they will be drawn
to your company and remain loyal customers, even when you may not be the most
affordable option.


Invest your marketing budget into only the avenues that bring in the most qualified leads. Put your newly trained customer service staff back on the phone and start improving customer relationships. Always be mindful of areas for improvement in your customer courting process, and it will pay off in the long run by boosting your company’s revenue as well as improving your brand reputation.

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