15 February 2012

Choosing the Right Vendor

How “Corri Monster” (Callcap Business Administrator) chooses the right vendor:

Keep it simple….

Choosing the right vendor is very important to the team here at Callcap. When considering a partner I look at many of the same aspects our clients do. I want to choose the very best so my internal and external customers have an excellent experience. I don’t like blunders.

The first step is a price comparison; I like to get at least 3 quotes and share those openly with the team.

Second, I research each company and ask: what matters most to this project? In my mind service still boils to the top so I always weigh reputation. Occasionally it’s a cost exercise, so the question is, what am I willing to sacrifice to ensure a great customer service experience? How reliable is this company and what are the delivery terms? How flexible?

The third is a bit of gut and experience. Choosing a vendor and holding them accountable. I provide feedback early and often to avoid misunderstandings.

Here at Callcap we make the effort to go the extra mile and always meet all our customer needs, no matter what it takes. Our business partners are a reflection of our company – we take pride in choosing the best.