01 April 2011

Callsurance with new Callcap Precog® Technology

This was our April Fool’s joke for 2011! Got ya!

Callcap is excited to announce the next evolution of Phone Call Evaluation. Callsurance, the premiere Call Evaluation service from Callcap, has reclaimed over ten million dollars for our customers in 2010 alone. By giving you the power to see what happened with Lost Opportunities, you have an unprecedented chance to reclaim that lost sale and to make improvements to prevent future losses. But what if you could alter the outcome of the Lost Opportunities themselves before they even happen?

Introducing Callsurance with Callcap Precog® Technology

Utilizing the latest in neural architecture innovations and telepathic techniques, Callcap has developed the psychic minds of 3 “volunteers” to serve as our Call Analysts of the Future! When the Callcap Precogs detect a future Lost Opportunity call, you will be alerted at least 30 minutes prior to the customer making any phone call. This will give you the time and preparation needed to please the customer, and save a sale that was lost. See one of our Precogs in action:

*Disclaimer: Callcap is not responsible for any effects of knowing and changing the future. Do not use Future Sight for ill intents. Any attempt to change the future may be met with unforeseen consequences. Callcap can not verify whether alternate splinter universes are being created to negate the effects of temporal distortion. Please double check your numbers before printing them.