01 December 2011

Callsurance Evaluations Save Clients Millions in Sales

News Release

Contact: Lea Schlyer
Wichita, Kan. (December 1, 2011)

Callcap, a Wichita-based marketing analytics firm, has announced nearly 200-percent growth in sales calls evaluated for clients via its Callsurance product.

Callsurance allows Callcap clients to save revenue and better train phone-based customer service representatives. Recent annual reporting determined that this service has resulted in over $500m in additional revenue for customers.

“The results validate our investment in Callsurance and our customers’ successes are proof positive,” said Callcap president and CEO, Will Steinhoff. “This product continues to answer a fundamental question for business owners: What opportunities am I missing?”

Through Callsurance real-time call evaluation, clients are notified when a revenue opportunity is missed. This creates an opening to reconnect with the prospect quickly, overcome objections and save the sale.

“Callcap’s Callsurance has completely changed the way we manage our business. We now can not only hold our employees accountable for properly managing our incoming sales calls, but have also had the opportunity to cultivate unbelievable customer relationships.”

“You have no idea what a difference it makes to a customer to get a call back letting them know you are going to take care of their problems. It shows you care… and people want to do business with people that care.”
Ryan Baty, owner of the Mattress Hub in Wichita, KS.

“Callsurance promotes long-term business relationships. It’s the competitive advantage,” Steinhoff stated.