04 April 2012

Callcap’s Tools for the Road Warrior

If you are a professional who is constantly on the move, you need to be equipped with a different set of tools than the cubicle or office professional. Common items in the road warrior’s bag of tricks include laptops, air cards, cell phones, and more. This article from Entrepreneur Magazine offers tech tips for those doing business on the go.

Callcap offers a variety of options to decrease the woes of work travels.

First of all, simply HAVING a Callcap tracking number allows you to take your phone lead analytics with you anywhere you go. Do you have employees working for you? Know in near real-time if your team is dropping the ball with your customers while you are out of the office. Callcap also has a mobile site for easy access from any smartphone device.

With Follow Me enabled, you can program your Callcap number to ring to three different destination numbers when you are out and about. These numbers can be your office phone, home phone , or personal cell phone. Calls ringing to your primary business number can be forwarded to your other numbers if you do not answer, which helps you avoid playing phone tag.

With Outbound Calling, sales reps can log in and make calls from their recorded Callcap Outbound Number, from whatever phone they are nearest to at the time. Lead lists and call history reports are saved in the cloud, so wherever you are, you are in the office.

Give one of our business development specialists a call today to find out more about how Callcap can make doing business easier while on the road. 866-547-5577.