21 September 2010

Callcap’s Solution to Problem Telemarketers

Dealing with Telemarketing calls has long been a nuisance to owners of both business and domestic phone lines. From big name telemarketers to prank callers, repeat offenders can tie up your phone lines and cost you money in wasted minute charges from your phone company, wasted labor wages to employees fielding these calls, and wasted money on solutions attempting to block these numbers from getting through your business phone lines.

Fortunately, Callcap now offers the power of the Callcap Blacklist to the public for free. Callcap has been compiling and building upon our list of unwanted callers for nearly a decade, and continue to modify it on a daily basis. This feature is available via a public XML feed accessible on the Callcap website. Using this feed, you can integrate the constantly growing Callcap Blacklist into your phone system, your advanced telephony application, or just use it to check if a number you received has been blocked as a telemarketer before.

Callcap’s Blacklist utilizes proprietary technology, hosted entirely within the cloud. This means no extra equipment is necessary to purchase or manage. When you start service with Callcap, you immediately benefit from the Callcap Blacklist with no downloads necessary- all numbers are equipped with this fantastic feature automatically activated, and as a customer you can instantly add or remove numbers from your own personal blacklist, as well as suggest numbers to be added to the global blacklist.

Integrate the XML Callcap Blacklist now.

Contact us today or reach us by phone at 877-301-7545 to learn more about how the Callcap Blacklist feature can help you clear your business lines of pesky telemarketers for good.