29 May 2013

Callcap Numbers Help Make Businesses Mobile

In the (not too) olden days, the distance away from your
land line where you could answer your calls depended on how long your phone cord
could stretch. If your power went out or your phone company’s lines went down,
you were unable to receive calls until it was fixed. Should you go out of town,
the best you could do to keep track of who tried to contact you was plug
in an answering machine, and hope people left you a message.

Today, there are many more options to help you take your
phone calls wherever you go. Obviously, cell phones contribute to the mobility
of your personal phone number. But Callcap gives you the option to also route
your business lines when circumstances arise that require you to be away from
your office land line.

If you own a smaller business, and want your customer or
client calls to be forwarded to your cell phone while on vacation or an extended
away from the office, no problem. You can manage the destination of any of your
Callcap phone numbers yourself, instantly, via our web portal. No need to call
customer service or use a complicated forwarding procedure.

Should hazardous weather conditions take your store or
office phone lines down, forward your lines easily to your home or cell phone
until everything is back in working order. Callcap has redundant data centers
located around the US, so if storms hit one part of the country, our lines stay
up and running.

To learn more about the many ways Callcap numbers can help
mobilize your business, call a development specialist today at 866-547-5577 or
fill out our contact form .