23 April 2014

Callcap Integrations Offer Effortless Data Management

Callcap provides our customers with a beautiful and
functional web portal for managing their data and creating custom reports, but
this is not the only way to access and view your call tracking and analysis
results. There are many ways the Callcap system can integrate with
other systems you may currently be using.

If you use Google Analytics to track your marketing, we can
send identifiable data to your account so you can view calls coming in to each
of your campaigns on your Google Analytics dashboard. This allows you to
integrate your call tracking data with your Goals and Custom Reports.

Callcap can also push your incoming call leads into your
Salesforce.com Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). By attaching your
Salesforce ID to your campaign phone numbers in your Callcap account, you can
push your customer call information directly to your lead management database,
complete with an mp3 recording of the actual call.

If you want your Callcap data accessible through your own
website or a custom system you already have in place, our development team will
work with you on creating an API to get your data exactly where it needs to be.
We can provide Call Detail Records, a live feed of calls that are currently in
process, or connect your call data and caller information to an address book
program or mapping software to gain new insights into your customers and
marketing strategy. The options are

Contact a member of our business development team today to
get more information on how Callcap Integrations can complement your business.
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