19 October 2010

Callcap Finds Half a Billion Dollar Treasure

Callcap has, year to date, helped customers capitalize on half a billion dollars in reclaimed revenue.

Callcap has assessed, through analysis of customer data, that most businesses are only booking about 50% of the customer leads that they think they are. Booking less than 100% of customer leads admits room for improvement. The average Callcap customer initially sees a 26% increase in booking percentages, and also benefits from identifying problems in their sales cycle.

Second chance opportunities are another value-adding service from Callcap. Lost leads are identified by Callcap Call Analysts in near real-time to determine why the opportunity was lost and to email contact information to the business manager. This provides a second chance to communicate with the customer, overcome their objections and save the sale… before a competitor has the opportunity. This service alone has made Callcap customers an additional $10 Million to date.

Callcap also offers businesses the power to save time and money in addition to the hundreds of millions of dollars gained in reclaimed revenue. The Callcap Reports service provides data on which advertising campaigns are generating the most sales leads so marketing budgets can be maximized by placing the largest investments into the most productive advertising mediums. Additionally the Callcap Blacklist provides a built in firewall against hundreds of problem telemarketers, and also allows businesses to add their own personal problematic callers to the blacklist, preventing phone lines from being tied up and employee man-hours from being wasted on these fruitless incoming calls.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can capitalize on Callcap’s found money, get in touch with Callcap today.