27 June 2013

Callcap Featured in Wichita Chamber of Commerce Spotlight for June

Callcap CEO and President, Will Steinhoff, was recently interviewed about Callcap’s history and success for the Wichita Chamber of Commerce Member Spotlight feature for June.

Q: Callcap is one of Wichita’s entrepreneurial gems. Please tell us about the company.

Callcap was founded in 2001 by two local software developers,
David Keeton and Sunny Smith. The idea was to assist clients in tracking and
analyzing marketing results by using ad-specific phone numbers on marketing
pieces and tracking call volume. Business owners could then access their
results online in near real-time, when before, that information came once a
month, in paper, typically as part of a phone bill.

Since then we’ve experienced double-digit year-over-year growth,
with clients of all sizes, from Main to Wall Street, coast to coast in the U.S.
and Canada. Our product suite has also grown. What started as a marketing tool
has expanded to measure customer experience and employee performance across

Innovation is the genesis of our business, so we’re continually
tinkering in the lab. We provide consulting, messaging products, and recently
signed a joint venture with Google to compliment their “off-line” reporting
services. Transparency is the key so we gather ideas from our founders, clients,
and employees to create new enhancements and services.

Q: What are the biggest hurdles you’ve faced?

I’ve been a part of Callcap for a little over two years. On my
first day, I made it clear my goal was to double our revenues. It was
ambitious, but everyone dug right in and worked really hard. Now we are very
close to hitting our number and celebrating accordingly. Then we’ll set a new

I think the biggest challenge has been getting the right people in
the right places to support our growth. We’re a very high-challenge group, so
finding balance between spending time on new innovations vs. completing
time-sensitive projects quickly is part of daily discussion. Truthfully, I
enjoy that.

Q: And what’s been the most rewarding?

Seeing our employees grow with us. Seeing folks step up is
awesome; everyone has rallied around our goals. We’ve also landed some very
well-known, industry-leader clients due to our exceptional customer service. To
me, that speaks volumes.

Q: To what do you attribute your success?

We have great employees – innovative and committed to teamwork.
They embrace accountability. We practice what we sell, learn from our clients,
and continually measure everything.

Q: How is Callcap involved in the community?

We feel that keeping Wichita a technology-rich hub is important to
the success of all the businesses here. We stay active in Visoneering Wichita’s
Technology Alliance, and were excited to sponsor StartUp Weekend 2013 in its
first Wichita appearance in early June.

We support many charitable causes that are important to our
community and personally important to our employees. The recent LLS Man and
Woman of the Year Campaign was highly supported by Callcap. There is also
employee representation in the YMCA Strong Kids Program, Big Brothers Big Sisters
of Kansas, Via Christi foundation, and S.C.A.R.F. We organize an annual toy
drive at Christmas to benefit the Salvation Army. A vacant office becomes the
toy room, and we fill it completely up.