01 September 2010

Callcap Can Help Save Business Opportunities for Hurricane Earl Victims

Hurricane Earl has created a state of emergency along the eastern coast today from the Carolinas as far north as Cape Cod being on high alert and mandatory evacuations being enforced in North Carolina. The anticipated destruction will take out electricity, create flooding estimated around three to five feet along the coast, and undoubtedly wreak huge physical damages to personal and business properties.

When destructive weather hits your area, it’s easy enough to field personal calls on your cell phone. However, a bolt of lightning lasting half a second has the ability to take out your business phone lines for hours to days at a time, not to mention how long you can be separated from your office or store when flooding or high winds make it inhabitable. These damages are costly…and additionally cut off your availability to potential new customers or sales leads.

Callcap offers you the opportunity to avoid missing a single revenue opportunity due to unpredictable forces of nature. When bad weather hits and your business lines are impaired, you have the ability to log into your account and REDIRECT your numbers to your home or cellular phone. You won’t miss one minute of incoming sales leads due to storm destruction, and certainly won’t mind fielding customers from your competitors while they try to repair their own damaged lines.

In the instance of a power outage, all your calls will be logged and recorded in our system to access as soon as you get everything back up and running… and with the addition of the Callsurance service, you will have at your fingertips reports of which calls were good potential sales leads already sorted and directed to your email inbox.

Physical disasters happen… business disasters don’t have to.

Talk to us today to get more information on our phone numbers and our call monitoring service and how to protect your business lines with Callcap.