30 June 2005

Callcap Blacklist Press Release

B2B Telemarketing Busting Business!

Wichita, KS June 30th, 2005 – Over the past year, Callcap has detected and documented a 32% increase in business-to-business telemarketing calls to its customers. Without the protection that consumers enjoy as a result of the National Do Not Call Registry, businesses are left holding the telemarketer’s bag.

What many businesses don’t realize is that there are virtually no laws in place that govern telemarketing phone calls from business to business. As a matter of fact, even the common practice of verbally telling a telemarketer to stop calling does not prevent telemarketers from continuing to call. This is fast becoming an expensive and frustrating situation for businesses all across the country. To meet the needs of business by reducing the expense of answering telemarketing calls, Callcap has developed a two-pronged solution.

First, a new feature has been added to the Callcap Service. Branded the Callcap BlackList, this feature allows Callcap customer’s to quickly and easily identify telemarketers and permanently block any future calls that they might try to make. In effect, Callcap Customer’s, working together as a community, identify telemarketers and block their calls for one another. As the Callcap BlackList grows, the negative effects of B2B telemarketing are further reduced.

Secondly, Callcap has taken the dramatic step of releasing the Callcap BlackList free to the business community so that all businesses may benefit from their works. Published as a continuously updated RSS feed, any business can download and implement the Callcap BlackList RSS Feed by visiting https://www.callcap.com/features/phone-numbers/blacklist (As of 2016, the public Blacklist RSS has been discontinued).

About Callcap

Callcap is the leading industry innovator for telephone-based call measurement services (CMS) serving all major markets in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Callcap’s cutting-edge national telecom network gives advertisers the ability to track, analyze, and improve response to advertised local and toll-free numbers. Callcap has documented a 40% increase in prospect to customer conversion ratios as a result of their service. Callcap is committed to maintaining their technological lead through constant innovation and research and development.