11 September 2012

Callcap Announces Sears Home Services as Newest Call Tracking Client

Callcap, the premiere call tracking and evaluation service in North America, has partnered with Sears Home & Business Franchises to handle tracking and recording of all their corporate marketing phone numbers. Additionally, Sears Home & Business Franchises have named Callcap their preferred vendor for call tracking and evaluation solutions to their two franchise business models, including Sears Garage Solutions and Sears Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning services.

Callcap’s Marketing Analytics Consultant, Scott Walker, will be managing the on-boarding and development of the Sears Home and Business Franchise accounts.

Sears is known for their commitment to building customer loyalty and brand integrity. The addition of a call evaluation system provided by Callcap will ensure the highest levels of customer service for their clients.

“Callcap was selected because it best fit the needs of our business, franchisees, and staff.” said Miranda Lytle, Sears Home & Business Franchise Marketing Manager. “The key drivers for this decision were primarily the customer service that we received from Callcap, the responsiveness of the Callcap team, the ease of use of the Callcap reporting tools, and our pricing options.”

T.J. Frevert, Callcap Vice President of Product and Technology, believes the Sears/Callcap partnership is a perfect fit. “Our technology allowed us to build a customized call flow for Sears. The Callcap team was excited to demonstrate speed and flexibility on this project. “

Callcap offers their clients a variety of products and services, all designed to fit specific customer needs. “We have found the reporting tools/software provided with Callcap to be very user-friendly. It also allows us the flexibility to customize reports and measurements to fit the needs of each business model.” said Lytle.

“The marketing and operations teams at Sears Home & Business Franchises are undeniably dedicated to the success of corporate marketing & customer service initiatives as well as individual franchise success.” said Scott Walker.

Sears anticipates many positive outcomes as they begin service with the call tracking and evaluation firm, which specializes in targeting marketing effectiveness and CSR improvement.

About Callcap

Callcap’s mission statement is to be the most trusted provider of call measurement and reputation management. They are the premiere vendor for call tracking and recording, marketing performance analytics, and CSR evaluation and training. These services help businesses accurately discover and improve booking percentages.