14 August 2017

Callcap Announces Latest CRM Integration: Aptora

Callcap is proud to announce our latest CRM integration with Aptora! A service management software that’s easy to use, enables mobility, and creates real value for the business owner/professional.

This combination is the true integration tool-kit: Phone call information merges with accounting information, which means Aptora customers get a complete 360-degree image of how their marketing efforts are performing. They can assign specific numbers to specific marketing campaigns and track performance, all the way to invoice. Even adding monitored services for true booking percentages across multiple campaigns.

“Consumers love the human element of talking to someone on the phone! So it’s no surprise that phone calls are an important part of a company’s marketing initiatives. But even more important is that data from those calls is collected and analyzed. That’s where Callcap comes in; we fastened our call tracking features and benefits to further enhance Aptora’s robust design,” said Brett Howard, Director of Customer Experience.

Integration with Callcap was a natural fit! The benefits of Callcap’s call tracking features don’t discriminate. Just like tracking website traffic, or click throughs for other advertising efforts, tracking information from phone calls allows you to utilize a truly integrated marketing approach. Tie that data to the dollars and cents and you know everything you need to know. Was the campaign a success? Let Aptora and Callcap show you.