28 September 2010

Callcap announces its official inclusion in the Google Analytics Application Gallery

Callcap announces its official inclusion in the Google Analytics (GA) Application Gallery. The Gallery has been available since the spring of 2010. It offers over forty applications that help Google Analytics users identify ways to improve and build their web analytics. This gallery contains applications that extend Google Analytics in new and exciting ways. They are solutions that help analysts, marketers, IT teams, and executives get more out of their Google Analytics service.

Callcap has the capability to send updates to your Google Analytics campaign when you receive an incoming call to your Callcap number. You will be able to set end goals based on if a call is completed from your web site, and also identify which numbers users are calling from.

  1. First you need an account with Callcap and at least one Callcap Number Campaign set up.
  2. You can contact us to get your account set up, and we will help you create unique campaign phone numbers to accurately track your Yellowpages, Google, billboard, magazine, direct mail or any other advertisements. You can choose from local numbers or toll-free phone numbers.
  3. Add your Google Analytics ID to the Campaign Management page for the campaign(s) you want to track in Google Analytics.
  4. After a simple code insertion on your webpage, you’ll start seeing your phone call data in your Dashboard as it comes in!

Learn more about our Google Analytics integration here.

Callcap Integration sends our in-depth data, captured from your calls, directly to your Google Analytics interface, while Callcap Reports provide Call Tracking and Call Measurement. See which advertising sources are making you money and which are wasting your marketing dollars. Contact us to learn more.