08 June 2010

Callcap Announces: CallConnect

Callcap realizes the importance of web advertising to our customers in this technology-driven business era. More and more consumers are turning to the internet when they are in need of a product or service because of its ease and speed. We have already developed a system to help you track keyword searches and referring sites that point customers your way with our Web Match Report; now we are making it even easier for online customers to offer you their business with the Callcap CallConnect feature, available for use with the purchase of a CallConnect campaign number.

CallConnect is an advanced version of Click-to-Call customer communication. CallConnect, in addition to putting you in contact with a potential sales lead, provides reporting and metrics as well as a full call recording for each call you receive through your Callcap interface.

When a potential customer arrives on your landing page, they have the ability to enter their phone number into a provided contact field and receive an immediate phone call from one of your sales representatives. The easier it is for a customer to connect with your business, the more likely they are to utilize your services.