12 November 2013

Callcap and Google DoubleClick Partner for Offline Conversion Tracking

Who does Google turn to when they’re looking for a partner in integrating DoubleClick Search with call tracking? We’re pleased to say that the answer is Callcap!

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In early 2013, we partnered with Google to integrate DoubleClick Search with call tracking for offline conversions. Now, the project is out of beta testing and available for everyone.

DoubleClick tracks and reports conversions for online advertisements, like signups and e-commerce purchases. But with no offline component, any conversion that doesn’t happen online, such as a phone call, appears as an ad click that led to no benefit. To make sure your business has both online and offline conversion data, our team worked with Google engineers and, our customer, Cramer-Krasselt to develop and test a new offline conversion API.

Here’s how the offline conversion API works:

  • We provide a code snippet that you place inside your website.
  • When a website visitor clicks on a DoubleClick-powered ad and ends up on your website, we capture a unique identifier for that user and click event.
  • When the web visitor eventually calls the Callcap-powered phone number on the webpage, we link the caller to the website visitor with our web-to-phone tracking technology.
  • Then, we send the unique click ID to DoubleClick so that they know that the web user’s click resulted in an offline phone call conversion.
  • This data feeds into your DoubleClick reporting and your DoubleClick Search bidding models for better bid choices. Better ad choices will lead to an increase in ROI and a decrease in cost-per-click metrics.

We look forward to pioneering future collaborations with technology leaders like Google DoubleClick as we continue to improve our services for you. To learn more about the DoubleClick integration, check out the Google DoubleClick Advertiser Blog. If you’d like to know more about how we can help your company improve its marketing effectiveness, contact us today!