09 February 2012

Call Tracking Reduces Risks When Using Independent Sales Reps

Utilizing independent, outside sales reps is a great way to drive your sales revenue and work your way into new markets. These reps will generally work for commission only, so there isn’t a big upfront investment, and when the person starts bringing in revenue, they pay for themselves.

While having a rep out of the office and on the go has the potential to have a mega-positive impact on your business and build awareness of your brand, it is also important to consider ways to keep control over the situation. After all, your company’s good name is at stake. If you have an outside rep that handles customers horribly and makes a terrible impression on people, they will associate that experience with YOU. Also, who’s to say that if things get sketchy between the rep and your business, that he or she won’t take all the customers and leads they have scored for the company and head for the hills… or to your competitor?

One way to keep a handle on your outside reps is to provide them a company funded sales tracking number that they can point to their cell or home phone. Your business has ownership of this number… but your rep can get it printed on all their business cards and promotional materials. That way, the rep has the opportunity to track and manage all of their leads in a cloud-based online database. Also, in the event that someday the rep leaves your business, all your clients will continue to call the sales call tracking number that your business maintains ownership of, and those accounts can be passed to your new outside rep in that area.