20 September 2018

Call Tracking and Call Monitoring. Same Thing, Right?

We know what you’re thinking. Wait, what? But they literally sound so similar.

And you’re right, they do sound similar. But they mean different things, and that’s what we’re going to clear up today.

Call Tracking: Measure the Impact of Your Marketing Efforts

Call tracking can uncover which advertising efforts produce actual results, and provide data that can drive decisions for marketing. Making marketing investments can be risky, especially when it’s difficult to tell if that marketing money is actually making people call you. But with call tracking, you can tell which marketing initiative callers are coming from.

Under the call tracking umbrella is “Webmatch,” a feature that associates phone calls with specific page views to bridge the gap between advertising campaigns and incoming phone calls. If a call leads to a sale, Webmatch can help you see where the initial visit initiated, what ad campaign it may have run under, and what page the user was on when they called you.

Additional Callcap Call Tracking Features:

  • Local and/or Toll-free Numbers
  • All Calls Reported
  • Call Analytics
  • Customer Demographics
  • Call Forwarding
  • Phone Number Routing
  • Blacklist Spam & Telemarketers
  • Number Features
  • Click-to-Call
  • Fraud Detection

Call Monitoring: Letting the Experts Do Their Thing

Call monitoring is when companies partner with a third party whose business is listening to every call, grading them, and providing real-time analytics. The call monitoring company does the leg work, collects the data and then provides the company with information to use at-a-glance to improve the bottom line.

What would you get out of this? If you trust your call monitoring to the pros, you’ll gain way more than you’ll lose trying to do it yourself. You’ll earn accountability to your processes, actionable data and the chance to save missed opportunities and (ready for this?) turn them into business.

Additional Callcap Call Monitoring Features:

  • All Calls Recorded and Reported
  • Secure and PCI Compliant
  • Access to the Calls Anywhere, Anytime
  • Share Calls as Needed
  • Expert Call Evaluation
  • Customized Scorecards
  • Readily Accessible Data
  • Near Real-Time Alerts

Let’s recap. Call tracking is when you measure phone call conversions from your digital and offline marketing campaigns. Call monitoring is leaving it to the pros and letting a reputable, professional company like Callcap help you take your business to the next level by giving you the means to provide excellent customer service.

Call us. Because call tracking and call monitoring is What. We. Do.