17 November 2010

Call Recordings To-Go

The lifestyle of dynamic professionals in modern America has become increasingly fast paced. Web capable mobile devices are making it easier than ever to manage personal and business affairs while on-the-go, with applications available for social networking, banking, email management and even meal planning.

Callcap offers the opportunity to manage your marketing and oversee campaign activity in real-time with our mobile site. View each call that your business receives, with the ability to listen to call recordings on any mobile device capable of web access and playing mp3 audio files. The ability to manage your customer service reps and lead activity from anywhere gives you a valuable upper hand on your competition and provides an aspect of flexibility to supervising your business.

Just go to http://mobile.callcap.com on your phone and log in with your normal Callcap Account information to begin putting the power of Callcap Mobile in your hands.