06 October 2020

Call Recording Belongs in Every Sales Coaching Playbook

The business world is rife with sports metaphors, from dropping the ball to hitting the mark; goal posts, slam dunks and even a Hail Mary before the deadline. In business, every player takes up a position to meet quotas and advance the company toward achieving quarterly benchmarks. Sales reps are part of a team. And every team needs a good coach.

That’s where Callcap comes in. We offer call recording that empowers training sessions and makes sales coaches more effective at their job.

Play-by-Play Call Analysis

If you’ve never considered using call recording, think about how important game tape is to football coaches who want to review last week’s performance on the field. For companies that do business over the phone, a recorded call is that tape. And we’re the ones who provide it. With call recording, sales coaches can zero in on issues that need to be addressed, or identify moments that deserve positive reinforcement.

Call recording can transform a one-size-fits-all training program into a highly personalized learning opportunity, which has the best shot at impacting sales performance. Without call recording, you may never discover the reasons for closed-won or closed-lost deals. And you won’t be able to act on them, either.

Recorded calls also demonstrate results by tracking progress after each coaching session. You can use this data to show the value of your coaching program.

Empowering Call Recording Tools

Call recording includes features that make life easier for sales coaches. For example, scorecards. You tell us what to look for; we monitor sales calls and report back to you. The scorecard can tell you why someone called, whether or not employees follow the script, and other important details. Scorecards are extremely useful if you’re working with a team member to improve a specific area of performance.

Through call tracking, we can extract advanced demographic data about any given customer on the phone, such as income, recent moves, home details and more. You can imagine how valuable this is for industries such as real estate. The better agents can speak to the needs of homebuyers and sellers, the faster they can close the deal. Just like in any business.

Partner With Us, Score Rewards

Looking to become a more effective business partner to your clients? Discover how you could earn money by introducing them to Callcap solutions. We offer significant rewards for sales coaches who refer our services. The ball’s in your court. Make your move today.