21 October 2015

3 Ways Call Evaluation For Hotels Can Lead To World-Class Service

What’s the #1 reason guests come to stay at your hotel? According to one report, it may not be what you’re thinking:

“Despite all the physical elements offered by hotels, such as rooms, décor, spatial layout and other facilities, a good service experience is the ultimate ‘product’ that hotels sell to customers (…) service has become an absolute differentiator among service providers.”

That’s right! The biggest differentiator to helping your guests enjoy their hotel stay is the service you provide. Here are three situations in which call evaluation for hotels can help you guarantee a world-class experience for your guests.

World-class service begins long before your guests decide to book a stay with you.

When would-be guests call your hotel to book a stay, whether they’ve found the number online or from another advertising medium, your organization has its first chance to book a reservation—and your first opportunity to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Call evaluation, also known as call monitoring, can help your hotel make sure that first conversation is a positive one.

Way #1: Call evaluation and recorded phone interactions with guests show you who, if any, of your reservation staff members are going off-script. Imagine this: a guest calls to book a reservation, and they are greeted (for lack of a better word) by a staff member who seems too busy to help them. The rude staff member rushes through answering questions, seems irritated that she had to answer the phone in the first place, and is even popping gum while talking to your potential guest. Now consider that your guest’s first experience with your property is this representative—all that guest has to judge your hotel is their experience with this person. Needless to say, that experience is not one that makes a guest eager to book a stay.

The Impact Of Call Evaluation

With Callsurance call evaluation, you’ll get real-time monitoring and evaluation of phone calls like this one. In this particular situation, for example, you would be alerted in a matter of minutes that this customer did not book a stay, as well as any objections. With that information, you could call the guest back and get a second chance to book the reservation— 46% of people who are called back go on to book a service or purchase.

World-class service is paramount during your guests’ stay at your property, and it continues even after their stay is finished.

It may be clear how call evaluation is useful before a stay is booked, but consider that it is also equally important during and after a stay. Here’s how call evaluation for hotels can make a difference even after a guest’s stay is over.

Way #2: Call evaluation gives insight into what your guests may be thinking about your property. By giving your guests an opportunity to share information about their stay and then following up with them about their stay via phone call (and recording and evaluating it), you can hear directly from your customers the good and bad about their experiences at your establishment. You can also hear your employees’ responses. These recordings can be used for coaching and training purposes, so you can make sure your whole team is on the same page when it comes to addressing the customer experience.

Way #3: Call evaluation gives you both qualitative and quantitative data about your customers and their experience. You can use the information learned from the call evaluation experience to address any issues or concerns that may be lessening the guest experience at your hotel. Callsurance call evaluation tools are unbiased, so you know that the data you’re getting is an accurate reflection of what’s really going on over the phones at your hotel.

To learn more about the ways call evaluation can improve the guest experience at your hotel, contact one of our business development specialists today.