21 March 2012

Call Center Outsourcing: How to Protect Your Brand

So you have successfully grown your company and reached a place where the assistance of a call center is needed to help manage your customer base. An exciting time for your business…and also a time of anxiety as you hand off the good name of your brand to strangers and hope that they treat it with respect and represent you in the best possible light. When bringing on call centers, they become the “touch point” for a customer—the first area that the customer makes contact. The impression that the customer leaves with can either help strengthen their loyalty to your business, or destroy any chance of forming a relationship at all.

Most call centers will assure you they have world class, well trained employees that will be in charge of handling your customer calls. The only way to ensure that this is the case is to have some form of call monitoring enabled on your business phone lines. This allows you to evaluate what percentage of your calls are being handled well and, more importantly, how many customers are leaving with a bad impression of your business. Some call centers promise that they do in-house monitoring of their employees, but using call center supervisors for this task is bound to produce skewed results. Supervisors are biased and protective of the team they are in charge of; nobody wants to negatively call out their employees and admit to poor management. The only way to get true, accurate data is to use an impartial third party company like Callcap.

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