27 October 2016

Building the Blacklist: Help Us Help You End Telemarketing Calls

“I value my time, and time is money. I know how many customers I can help in a short timeframe – and when those precious minutes were being sucked up by robocalls, it effectively disrupted my workflow. Now I feel like I have an extra layer of protection against those interruptions!”

Raili Tidemann, National Account Executive, Callcap

We’ve all been there. So deep into your work that you’ve barely noticed an hour has passed. Then the phone rings. You switch gears quickly and efficiently, preparing to answer questions from an interested prospect or troubleshoot an issue with an existing customer. You’re primed and ready to handle whatever the person on the other end throws at you – you’re confident; you know your business well.

To your dismay, it’s not a customer calling. It’s not a potential customer, either. It’s a telemarketer trying to solicit your business. To top it off, it isn’t even a real person. That’s right, you’re being interrupted by a robot. It’s annoying, and disruptive. You’re so irritated that you take a few minutes to cool down before returning to your project. But the flow’s already been interrupted, and you don’t even have anyone to thank for it. And it happens more often than you care to admit. So when are you going to turn frustration into action? You’re not the only one who feels this way. It affects lots of people, lots of ways:

Customer Service Reps

Your customer service team stands at the ready all day, their minds sharp with ways to help customers. When they’re interrupted by a robocall, it throws things off balance and leaves a legitimate customer waiting on hold a little longer. And as you know, every second counts.

The Queue

Robots don’t play nice with other robots. Which is why when telemarketers weasel their way into your phone lines, it messes with the phone queue. Patient customers might decide they’re not so patient after all when they hear they have such a long time to wait. Imagine if they knew that the three people ahead of them in line were really only one or two?! But you’ll never be able to explain things to them because they’ll hang up before you get the chance.

Sanity… and Attitude

They’re trying to trick you. Into thinking their voices are real. Into falling for their unbelievable (but kinda sorta believable) offer. Into losing your mind. That last one seems all too easy when you’re geared up for a conversation with (human) customers and instead you’re faced with an overzealous robotic telemarketer. Talk about an unwanted ripple effect! The CSR’s annoyance could easily and subconsciously trickle over into their next call. The unsuspecting customer wouldn’t know what hit them, and that’s not a risk you should be willing to take.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, the Federal Trade Commission processes 200,000 complaints every month from people receiving telemarketing calls known as “robocalls” – a small percentage of total robocalls received.

Two hundred. Thousand. Every month.

Enough is enough, right? Right! So you’re ready to do something about those annoying distractions, but you’re probably wondering… how. Well what if those calls never rang to your phone to begin with? What if there was something, somewhere that could act as your personal “bouncer” – only allowing legitimate calls through and keeping everything else outside the velvet rope?

Alright, You’re Annoyed. Now What?

Now that we’ve made you acutely aware of the problem (if you weren’t annoyed by robocalls before, we hope you are, now!) we’d like to offer a solution. Callcap can be your bouncer. Simply add unwanted callers to your own personal blacklist and keep them from being able to call your lines in the future. It’s as simple as one click – honestly. Actually, the benefits begin the minute you sign up with Callcap because you’re immediately added to our Global Blacklist. This means we put our years of building a comprehensive blacklist to work for you right off the bat. That’s right – we’ll kick off your database building skills with 10,000 blacklisted numbers – and then you can add to it as you go.

To learn more about Callcap’s phone services features, including call forwarding, number routing and yes, the coveted blacklist get in touch! You’ll talk to a real human. Promise.