03 May 2013

Broadcast Messaging Enhances Customer Communications

Broadcast messaging is a cost effective, easy way to
communicate with a large number of customers at one time. Simply load a list of
customer phone numbers, select a pre-recorded broadcast announcement to send
them, and during what time frame you want to schedule your messages to be
delivered. It’s that easy.

Doctors can let patients know when they are due for a
checkup. HVAC companies can let customers know when it is time for their yearly
maintenance before they are stuck in the heat with a broken A/C. Schools can
send parents announcements regarding cancellation of classes or reminders for
upcoming events. Retail stores can notify customers on their contact list of
sales and specials. The options are endless.

With Callcap broadcast messaging, not only can you send
messages to your customer base, you can also allow those customers to instantly
connect with your store with the push of a button. With Call Evaluation in
place, you can even view reports on how many successful sales you made with
each broadcast.

To find out more about how broadcast messaging could benefit
your business, contact a business development specialist at 866-547-5577 or
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