12 July 2013

Bridging the Gap Between Online and Offline Conversions.

Web marketing has become a huge industry, and most
businesses are currently using at least one kind of online conversion tracking
tool, like Google Analytics. Conversion tracking shows you what happens after a
customer clicks on your ad. So, if someone follows your online ad to your
website and then makes a purchase, you can measure the ROI on your web
marketing, and which ads and keywords are successful. But what if that customer
makes it all the way to your website…and picks up the phone to call your business
and make their purchase that way? How do
you bridge the gap between your online and offline conversion reporting?

Simple: Callcap’s Webmatch.

Webmatch is a service available with every Callcap tracking
number. When you activate a new number that you are going to use on a landing page or your website, you have the option to copy and paste a few lines of code from
your Callcap number management portal into your website code. This way, when a
customer lands on your site and picks up the phone to call you, Callcap is able
to link the call to the site visit…and gather data on the web path that led the
customer there. Webmatch results are available on the Callcap customer portal…or,
you can integrate your data with your current online conversion tracking system
for an all-in-one solution.

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the gap between your online and offline conversions, and just how powerful our
tracking numbers can be.