07 November 2012

Brand Awareness Does Not Equal Business Growth

Brand awareness does not equal business growth. As a company,
you may feel that heavy marketing is the key to increasing the success of your
business…more people see your ads, more new customers try your service, and
all that new revenue starts adding up. However, there is a key element to
successful business growth that is often forgotten while focusing on the hunt
for new sales; current customer retention. Without putting a solid effort into
keeping your current customers happy, you will create a “one in one out” flow
in your client pool, and never see a continual, growing increase to your revenue.

Just because someone made a purchase with your company once
does not mean they are locked in for life as a customer. If anything, these
individuals should be considered “warm leads”. While you may have just assumed
they would come back to you next time they were ready to buy, your competition
is out there vying for their business. If you are not giving that customer
every reason to continue spending their money with you, there is a
good chance you will lose them. When it comes to business, customer loyalty is

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