18 April 2012

Are You Tracking Offline Conversions?

How are you tracking your offline conversions?

Offline conversions are sales that happen from traditional media; TV, radio, newspaper, phone books, or even customers that call a phone number on a website.

Do you know when someone calls from your website?
What keywords did they use to find your site before calling?
How many calls from your marketing efforts are actual opportunities?

Callcap tracks and records phone calls from all your advertising mediums…including calls from your online landing pages. Webmatch Reporting allows you to see which keywords and search engines are driving visits to your website that result in a phone call, so you can better invest in your web marketing and improve your SEO. Many marketers simply rely on website hit counters to track their online traffic…but website visits alone don’t equal new customers. You need to invest in online marketing methods that will actually increase your business revenue.

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