23 June 2014

Are You Sweating?

Ready or not, here comes summer and, with it, long, scorching days and humid nights, get-togethers and celebrations and, without a doubt, hot temperatures. What will your customers be doing when their air conditioning goes out? Whether they’re hosting a neighborhood block party or unwinding in front of the TV, there’s no good time to be stuck in the heat.

They’ll immediately reach out to an HVAC service provider, and then they’ll wait… and the length of time they sit there sweating matters. Any wait is too long, and the sooner your team can respond, the more satisfied your new client will be.

Your customers may not be the only ones facing the heat. As a business owner, summertime may have you sweating bullets too. While your customers are wondering about their wait times, how friendly your customer service reps are (or are not!), how thoroughly their questions are answered, and how quickly your technician got there—you may have a few questions of your own.

“I can’t be everywhere at once. Are my calls being answered properly?”

We’ve heard horrific stories of reps telling potential customers everything from “We just can’t help you right now” to “That’s your problem.” Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? With call recording, you can manage your team and ensure that your vision for customer experience is cohesive throughout every aspect of your business. You’ll also be able to use those recordings for training future employees, continuing education with current team members, and even rewarding those reps who do everything they can for your customers.

“This is the time of year I can really profit. Is my marketing paying off?”

Tracking the success of your campaigns is vital to your business. When you implement unique call tracking numbers for each of your ads, you’ll know exactly which ones are working and which aren’t. You’ll be able to parse your marketing tactics even further too, drilling down in the data to find out exactly what’s successful and what’s not (and why) so you can expand or make any necessary adjustments.

“The phone is ringing, but how does this compare to last year? Am I being competitive?”

Our data reporting works hard for you, going beyond tracking call volumes and campaign success by turning raw numbers and data into intuitive and useful real-time visual displays. With Callcap, you can have near-instant access to caller information for every incoming lead your company receives, including which ad campaign generated the call, what time the call took place, and how long the call lasted, as well as the name, address and even demographic information for the caller. This data builds over time to help you make decisions about your business:

  • When to invest in advertising
  • Identify staffing needs for peak call volumes
  • See at a glance how your business is growing

“How did my team do? Are we treating our customers just like we’d like to be treated?”

Along with call recording, our Callsurance call evaluation tool guarantees your employees’ off-days don’t cost your bottom line. Our Call Analysts will evaluate every call to determine if the caller booked an appointment or if the customer was lost; we then provide actionable alerts and insight you can use to recover lost customers, and track employee performance.

In the heat of the moment, you can’t afford to leave any component of your customers’ experiences to chance. By acting quickly and guaranteeing the answers to these four questions, you’ll move from serving new customers’ urgent needs to winning the repeat business of loyal clients.

We’d love to tell you more about how our solutions can improve your customers’ experiences and your bottom line. Don’t wait until you’re sweating bullets to make a change. Give us a call or contact us today.