23 April 2015

Are You Missing Out On Analytic Call Tracking Benefits?

Maybe you’ve heard people talk about analytic call tracking, also known as call measurement, and you’ve shrugged your shoulders and ignored the conversation, thinking call tracking wouldn’t really apply to you or your business.

Maybe you’re not even sure what analytic call tracking is. (If that’s you, The Beginner’s Guide To Call Measurement is an excellent starting point!)

Either way, you’re missing out on the advertising and marketing success that analytic call tracking can provide. Here are just seven of the benefits this service can bring your business.

1. Analytic call tracking can save you from wasting your hard-earned money on ineffective marketing campaigns.

This is the biggie. Call tracking shows you the health of your company’s advertising by tying campaigns, ads, clicks, etc. to specific phone calls. With a call tracking number, you can precisely identify where your leads are coming from and associate them with the correct part of your marketing budget.

2. Analytic call tracking will help you increase your company’s profit over time.

When you know exactly what medium, ads, website—whatever!—is bringing in call volume, you can use that data to set long-term goals for your marketing budget.

3. The results you’ll get from call tracking are valuable in the short-term, too.

Call tracking data from Callcap gives you unbiased feedback on every piece of marketing you associate with a number; if you find out one of your advertising pieces isn’t working at all, you can cut spending on it immediately and reallocate it. You don’t have to wait to get data that can help you make a change unless you want to.

4. Call tracking allows you to track your marketing campaigns whether they’re offline or online.

Don’t limit yourself—call tracking numbers are obvious components for phone-based sales success, but call tracking also works with online campaigns. By associating a dynamic call tracking number on your paid or organic search keywords, you can find out which pieces of your online marketing are making your phones ring. Web analytic call tracking shows you results through specific codes that allow you to learn search terms and referring sites that generate the most offline conversion.

5. You can get proof that your ads were really as awesome as you thought they were.

By customizing your analytic call tracking and implementing individual numbers on all of your advertising pieces, you’ll get proof that you’re targeting the right audiences by gender, geography, or industry (to name a few). You can capitalize on what’s working and further segment your tracking to learn more and more about your target audience.

6. With call tracking, it’s never too late to improve.

Your business can only get better when you’re monitoring what’s going on with your budget. Compared to companies who don’t track their calls, companies who measure and pay attention to their marketing analytics exactly have evidence of what works and what doesn’t. When they plan to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars, there’s a reason for the investment and evidence to support continuing to do it.

7. Call tracking ensures you’re standing out.

If advertising is an important part of your business (and chances are, it is!)—or you’re trying to stand out in your industry (and chances are, you are!) call tracking is something you can use to both advertise more effectively and make sure you’re standing out among your competition.

Need a little bit more information before you commit? Our white paper, 7 Reasons Marketers Need To Implement Call Tracking Today, is a thorough look at how analytic call tracking can help you understand both your marketing ROI and your customers.